Creating beautiful and meaningful brands.



No matter if you are starting a new project or you need to upgrade a previous one, you can choose from a range of complementary services to accommodate your business needs.

Visual Identity

Defining the look of your business helps your clients to clearly identify who you are, what is your offer, values and personality.

Services : Branding


Helping your business define a unified communication that creates a positive perception and a trusting relationship with your clients.

Services : Web Design

Web Design

Building and supporting your most important online communication and promotion tool that is aligned with your business objectives.

Services : Print


From business cards to presentation brochures, designing and preparing your collateral marketing materials have never been so easy.

Services : Events


Booth, flyers or digital presentations. Whatever is the size and the needs of your event, you will be ready to receive the crowd.

Services : More


There is no such a thing as crazy ideas. I love special projects and if you do have any in mind this is the right place to start. 

Design is

more than pretty graphics.

It is the thinking process that reflects the soul of your company and opens the conversation with your customers.

Selected Projects


Erika Crastz Portrait

Erika Crastz
Creative Web and Graphic Designer

Hi, I am a web and graphic designer specialized in brand identity. I like to work with dynamic and inspiring companies that care about their offer and their customers. I believe that the best designs come through close cooperation between the designer and the client.
As an American born in Panama with some Asian blood and other interesting spices, I like to see the world like a place of endless possibilities. I believe that all rules CAN be broken (except the ones imposed by the law - of course!), that there are not stupid questions, that there is always place for improvement, and that the best way to relax... is to dance!

I love to meet new people

Do you have any project in mind or just want to say hello? I will love to hear from you.

  • +33 (0)7 89 33 24 81
  • 50 rue Louis et Auguste Lumière
    Saint Genis-Pouilly
  • Also find me at :
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